Why 1 to 1?
What do we hope to gain with a 1:1 program? 
  • Increased student engagement.
  • Additional tools for differentiation and personalization of learning. 
  • Increased opportunities for the 4 C's and 21st Century Learning: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical-Computational Thinking.
  • Equity of access to content and tools. 
  • Alignment with recommended practices from 2010 National Technology Plan and 2014 California Education Technology Blueprint. 
  • Address California Common Core State Standards with increased technology focus and assessments. 
  • WASC suggestions for increased technology at PHS.

What outcomes are we expecting? 
  • Increased engagement (attendance, participation, achievement). 
  • More instructional minutes for research and writing due to less transition to labs, carts, etc. 
  • Improved writing skills with more instruction and practice in class, and access at home. 
  • Further implementation of Common Core State Standards. 
  • Increase in differentiation with additional tools and access to new formative measures. 
  • Better citizenship in ALL of our communities, digital and physical.

Why chromebooks? 
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Manageability and scalability with small support staff.
  • Chrome and ChromeOS permit device agnostic flow to/from Chromebooks.
  • Keyboard.
  • Start up in less than 8 seconds.
  • Cloud-based storage, no back-up systems required, so lost devices don't mean lost work!
Connected Learning Pilot Report