About the Cases

Cases are provided to students for additional protection as the devices travel from school to home.  The cases offer additional protection to the screens, the most fragile part of the device.

Dell v1 Case
We use the mPearl case for our first generation Dell Chromebooks.
mpearl Dell case

Dell v2 Case

Rugged Protection Case for the Dell v2 with 180 degree hinge features a hard plastic anti-microbial shell with silicone edging for shock protection.
Dell v2 with 180 degree hinge Case

ASUS C202 Case
For the new ASUS C202sa we used the sleeker mPearl design again.  It features 7 oz USA-made high-quality polycarbonate shell with foldable feet to better position the chromebook for typing. Available in a variety of colors!   
mpearl cases for C202sa