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Chrome Store Apps and Extensions

Students have limited access to the Chrome Web Store. The only apps or extensions students will be able to add to their chrome browser are those listed in "Piedmont Unified Recommended Apps" in the Chrome store and here

The reason for this change has to do with the many distractions that are being reported by the use of non-school-related apps and extensions. Prior to being given access to a chromebook this year, all students signed an agreement that included a pledge that every student will be "responsible for educational use (of technology) while at school." In an effort to further support students in keeping this pledge, we have restricted access to the Chrome Web Store.

If there are apps and extensions that you feel are integral in aiding your learning, you may request access to the app or extension by filling out the form found here. If appropriate, we will add it to the list of "Piedmont Unified Recommended Apps."

Apps and Extensions - Approved

  Request an Extension or App