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Orientation Resources

Cybercitizenship and Chromebook Assessments:

With great power comes great responsibility...

Understanding the expectations and policies of the Connected Learning program is required before you will be issued a Chromebook.

Please review the following before taking the test.
  • PUSD Responsible Use Policy (in your Planner)
  • Student Chromebook Introduction Slideshow (https://goo.gl/ExzGjP)
The test is open book, open internet. If you don't the know the answer, find it! After you take the test, your results will be emailed to you. To show your mastery of the concepts you need a minimum of 80%, and we encourage you to shoot for 100%! The results email will let you know what questions, if any, you did not answer correctly for your review. You can retake the test at any time and as many times as necessary to show mastery.

Twice a day the names of students who have passed will be processed and a Chromebook Responsibilities Agreement will be sent to you via email. This document is your ticket to checking out a chromebook. You and your parent/guardian should sign this document and bring it back to school to your teacher.  You must pass the Orientation Assessment in order to receive a Chromebook.

The assessment is open book and open chromebook.  Look up anything you need to answer the questions correctly.

You need a 75% or better to pass, and with an open book test you can shoot for 100%!

Once you pass the test you will receive within 24 hours a Chromebook Agreement for you and your parents to sign and return to pick-up your device.

12th Grade Assessment:  https://goo.gl/Z474S2
11th Grade Assessment:
10th Grade Assessment:
9th Grade Assessment:
8th Grade Assessment:
7th Grade Assessment:

Responsible Use Policy



PUSD: Using a Piedmont Chromebook v1